Moy Castle was built around 1450 by Hector Reaganach Maclean, 1st Laird of Lochbuie and brother of Lachlan Lubanach Maclean of Duart.

It has a three level tower with a garret. It was captured from the Macleans of Lochbuie by Clan Campbell, but later returned to the Maclaines. It was abandoned in 1752 when a Lochbuie house was originally built.

Moy Castle is stable.........but not secure

Moy Castle urgently needs a new front door!!!

£1,500.00 will replace the door and get it fitted on wrought iron hinges.


August 2009


"22 tones of stone with nothing holding it but its own weight. Picknickers did not know what danger they were in. One more storm and the gable end would have collapsed - it was moving. It would have torn a rent down one face of Moy Castle and the rest would follow!"


Moy Castle is in urgent need of further stabilisation. The first phase of consolidation, which started last year, resumed this week. The consolidation of the upper levels is only a start and it is essential that the project is extended to include the rest of the building.  To do this Moy Castle needs your help - any donation, however large or small will contribute to the preservation of a unique piece of island heritage, the ancestral home of Maclaines all over the world, and an iconic feature of the classic Powell-Pressburger film ‘I Know Where I’m Going’.

Emergency conservation work has been carried out now as part of a project led by Mull Historical and Archaeological Society in partnership with Jim Corbett (owner of Moy Castle) and the Lochbuie estate, together with skilled conservationists who are working to consolidate the upper levels of the castle.

The current phase of the project wa carried out under the auspices of the Nądair Trust (Nature Trust), an Oban based charity who coordinate programmes throughout the Argyll Islands - an area often referred to as ‘Scotland’s Sea Kingdom’. The total budget for this first phase of work at Moy is approximately £380,000, with major funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland, as well as contributions from Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie, Clan Maclean Heritage Trust, and IKWIG'ers. Further consolidation to the rest of the structure is in urgent need in conjunction with a detailed archaeological record of what is found under years of accumulated soil, fallen stone and vegetation.  If you would like any more information please contact:-

Jim Corbett - Owner of Moy Castle Martin Hadlington BA DipArch RIAS, SPAB Scholar - Martin Hadlington (Chief architect of the Moy Castle Repair Project), Nancy Franklin at Moy Castle in 2006 1972 report - - = - -Moy Castle with its roof Moy Castle now

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