Moy Castle 8th August 2007

Jim Corbett armed with torch at Moy Castle Jim Corbett in the main chamber room Entire wall re-pionted Chimney stack from the inside Original stones have been re-set but stepped back about an inch to show what is original and what has been repaired. Sneak look at the most recent repair - still portected
The large gable end that was in most danger - repaired Another repaired wall - Can you see the date stamp? An original wall walk One turret or store room. 45 tonnes of scaffold now completely surrounds Moy Castle Repaired battlements
An un-invited guest The only way to get large items inside Moy is a rope and pully Previous repairs on Moy 60~70 years ago - probably by Jim Corbetts father. A battlement with a view Jim Corbett on "protected" floor on internal wall Gable
More small repairs
Look out below False protection floor Carefull small repairs Tricky repairs still to do Look carefully and you can see a bricked up doorway
The repairs are recessed into wall not yet repaired - which is why ther is still a fence around the castle Blocked spirel stair way - not safe yet What looks like a window blocked up Not quite straight but secure